Monday, May 9, 2011

Breast vs formula

Okay, okay, we ALL know the answer to this question.  It is after all its pounded into our brains by the health district and society in general. We all know that if you can breast is best.  Now having said that I started Eli on formula today.  Why?  Well I'm glad you asked.  Today was yet another doctors appointment to try to figure out this skin problem that he has. "Extremely severe eczema" is what the pediatrician calls it.  Cause: Allergies.  But what could a baby who is exclusively breast fed be allergic to? Apparently it is possible to be allergic to the protein in their mothers milk.  Or possibly something I am eating.  He is betting on the protein.  So with formula no other food will be getting in, we know whats in it. He gave us a special hypo-allergenic formula that breaks down the protein.  If that doesn't work we try another one that breaks it down even more.  Many of you know that I too have fairly bad eczema.  He kept asking me what I am allergic too because maybe that would give us a hint as to what Eli is allergic too, and I kept saying I really don't know.  So I am going to ask my doctor to send me for allergy testing, I know it could take a while, but they won't do it on a baby and its worth a shot.

Eli is NOT at all happy about this formula idea the first feeding went REALLY bad. I am persistent however and by the second feed he actually took it really well.  (He wasn't as hungry this time, so a little less frantic.  Plus I put a little breast milk in it, not much but I will slowly decrease that amount until he is getting only formula.) 

Yes it is sad to quit but if it has any chance of helping him than I am going take that chance.  Oh yeah also the fact that he itches and then rubs his eyes is giving him eye infections, so we have to try to take care of that as well.


  1. Poor little Eli! I hope this works for him. You're such a great mom!

  2. Hang in there Amy! You are doing what is best for Eli and as Ashley said - you ARE a great Mom!

  3. I agree with Julie and Ashley, Amy. You're a super mom who has had to deal with a lot more than the average since Eli has been born. :)

    You have my full support. Not just saying that, either. :) I'll pray this is the solution: that would be so great to have him feel better!

    Hope you see the results soon - so sad to see them uncomfortable. :(


  4. Amy, I'm so so sorry you and Eli have had a rough go at things. Hopefully the formula helps settle the eczema and makes him feel better. In the end, you simply have to do what's best for him and you. You're trying to do that so cheers to you! Things WILL get better. I know it can feel like it will never end when you're in the middle of it though. One day at a time. (Hugs to you both.)

  5. Aw, the poor little man. I hope this helps you figure out what he is allergic to!