Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm an optimistic pessimist

This is just something that I thought was pretty funny and worth posting.  Now when I look at my post baby body I don't have anything bad to say, just that I wish I had appreciated my body before I had Eli.  Then I think that I didn't appreciate my body in high school then it has gotten progressively worse, well not worse just different, this leaves me thinking that I shouldn't think badly about my body anymore, I should just appreciate it now because its just down hill from here. Now I realize that, that is pretty pessimistic.  I think my pessimism is pretty funny.  I blogged before about my expectations around having a new baby in the house.  Of course I thought it would be so bad that I was pleasantly surprised and now I wonder if I'm not an optimistic pessimist. 
My best friend is a CRAZY optimist, she thinks the best of everything and usually she's disappointed.  I think that we make a hilarious pair.  We went to New York City together and we stayed in hostil.  When we got to our room I was so happy I thought wow we did really well, we have our own room, the door locks, there is even a tv in the room, its not nearly as dumpy as I anticipated.  You couldn't ask much more for 25$ a night.  On the other hand she was super disappointed saying that it was dumpy and she expected  there to be a kitchen in our room, she thought the room would be bigger and there would be a view of the city. (Our room looked out on a brick wall, but hey that's better than looking out on some adult book store or something. lol)  All this to say that some days I think my pessimism turns out to be an asset.


  1. That's funny. I like to stick to "poptimism" which is where you keep your expectations low so that you can be pleasantly surprised later! Most of the time it just looks a lot like pessimism, but it does feel a lot better to have things turn out better than expected than be disappointed (because I also get disappointed a lot, too).

  2. Amen! I hear you - our bodies are what they are - but when I look at old pictures I wonder what I was so stressed about back then. :) (lol!) It's liberating, to say the least.