Friday, April 29, 2011

April's drawing

I said I would post at least one drawing or painting or something creative a month.  Well its April.29th and here it is... I have so many ideas right now, we will see how many pictures we get for May.  This has no title as I am extremely bad at titles. It was done entirely in Sharpie markers.  Usually I work on something like this for a whole day and get it all done at once, however a certain little person has made that impossible so this piece took me probably a week to complete.

In other news on whim pretty much (there really wasn't a plan to do so until the night before.)  Eli and I and Keta too, went to Drayton Valley for Easter to visit with Michael's side of the family.  I was a little nervous okay a lot nervous about driving 6 hours with a small baby and a large drooling dog all by myself, but it actually went quite well and I am glad I did.  Eli was able to spend some time with his other grandparents and see his very proud Auntie.  All in all a very successful outing.

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