Friday, April 29, 2011

April's drawing

I said I would post at least one drawing or painting or something creative a month.  Well its April.29th and here it is... I have so many ideas right now, we will see how many pictures we get for May.  This has no title as I am extremely bad at titles. It was done entirely in Sharpie markers.  Usually I work on something like this for a whole day and get it all done at once, however a certain little person has made that impossible so this piece took me probably a week to complete.

In other news on whim pretty much (there really wasn't a plan to do so until the night before.)  Eli and I and Keta too, went to Drayton Valley for Easter to visit with Michael's side of the family.  I was a little nervous okay a lot nervous about driving 6 hours with a small baby and a large drooling dog all by myself, but it actually went quite well and I am glad I did.  Eli was able to spend some time with his other grandparents and see his very proud Auntie.  All in all a very successful outing.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mish mash of stuff

First, Dairy free seems to have been a bust.  Eli's eczema is worse than ever in fact he has been so uncomfortable and scratching so much the skin has got infected.  He is now wearing socks on his hands to keep him from scratching.  We saw another doctor yesterday, got an antibiotic and a 3rd cortisone cream  to try.  I had asked for a referral to a dermatologist for him but it looks like that isn't gonna happen for a while, my dermatologist is on holidays 'til the end of May and the only other one in saskatoon said they are booking into fall.  So we are just going to have to tough it out and try as much as we can until we can get in to see someone.  I've also thought about taking him to a homeopathic doctor to see if we can make any improvements that way.  I am willing to try anything at this point, I just really want him to feel better.

Second, I really want to get back into my art work and just using some of my creative energy.  I definatly think that I feel better when I am creating, so you dear readers (reader? lol) are my witness that I want to make a commitment to have at lease one drawing/painting done a month.  It's very important to me that I keep that part of my life going and there are times when I have an hour or two here and there and I think its good to do something productive with my time.  Its something that I feel keeps me sane and keeps me, me.  I will post my work here.

Third and finally, Some of you know that I just came out surgery. I had a repair that needed... well repairing.  Having Eli took a lot out of my body and it was something that I really needed.  I can now look forward to another 6 week healing process.  I have to say though it was awesome to see my family come together and really help me out.  Mike watched Eli overnight while I was in the hospital.  Not an easy feat, especially when you are missing a key body part ;).  My parents watched him too and really encouraged me to stay with them and take the time to heal.  They gave me a lot of support and just being around to watch the baby so I could rest when I needed to rest.  They were awesome, but I was getting home sick, so we are home now and just taking it easy.  Surgery was last Tuesday and we got home yesterday evening.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm an optimistic pessimist

This is just something that I thought was pretty funny and worth posting.  Now when I look at my post baby body I don't have anything bad to say, just that I wish I had appreciated my body before I had Eli.  Then I think that I didn't appreciate my body in high school then it has gotten progressively worse, well not worse just different, this leaves me thinking that I shouldn't think badly about my body anymore, I should just appreciate it now because its just down hill from here. Now I realize that, that is pretty pessimistic.  I think my pessimism is pretty funny.  I blogged before about my expectations around having a new baby in the house.  Of course I thought it would be so bad that I was pleasantly surprised and now I wonder if I'm not an optimistic pessimist. 
My best friend is a CRAZY optimist, she thinks the best of everything and usually she's disappointed.  I think that we make a hilarious pair.  We went to New York City together and we stayed in hostil.  When we got to our room I was so happy I thought wow we did really well, we have our own room, the door locks, there is even a tv in the room, its not nearly as dumpy as I anticipated.  You couldn't ask much more for 25$ a night.  On the other hand she was super disappointed saying that it was dumpy and she expected  there to be a kitchen in our room, she thought the room would be bigger and there would be a view of the city. (Our room looked out on a brick wall, but hey that's better than looking out on some adult book store or something. lol)  All this to say that some days I think my pessimism turns out to be an asset.