Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mennonite girls cook indian food?

When Nicole came last week, (she was here from Wednesday 'til Sunday) I wanted to blog about our adventures in indian food cooking.  I was going to take pictures but that day Michael had the camera so alas I have no pictures to show.  Wednesday we made samosas, that yummy sauce that goes with the samosas, ground beef curry, basmati rice and unsuccessful naan bread.  The samosas were delicious and not very hard just time consuming.  Nicole got frustrated filling them and they went from normal samosa size to perogie size and then calzone size.  The big challenge was the sauce.  In order to make it you need tamrind.  It is a very strange fruit? Nut? Something strange.

Lets just say it, they look like poo. But you crack them open and we made a paste out of the pulp in the food processor then we made the sauce. In order to make the naan bread we had to have bread flour, unfortunately the only bread flour our co-op had was multi grain.   Our bread was very healthy tasting to say the least.  Hard and crunchy and just plain not good.  Do not made naan with multi grain flour.

Then on Thursday we made butter chicken, basmati rice and cauliflower curry.  Butter chicken was amazing and I will be putting that on our regular dinner rotation, we all loved it.
On Friday we made a sort of shrimp stir fry curry and rice, then we made the chai tea cake for her birthday.  I made butter cream icing for the first time.  Very successful.

I really love kitchen adventures, and I hope to start focusing on cooking a little more in my blog maybe posting some recipes.  Eli likes to sit in the baby carrier while I cook or he sits in his vibrating chair and watches me, its awesome to see that I can still do the things I love with the baby, as he gets older I hope to get him helping in the kitchen.  Some of my most fond memories are cooking with my mom.  Making perogies or cookies or whatever it was always fun and I always learned a lot.  I hope to pas those sorts of memories onto my babies.


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  1. MM, all that Indian Food Cooking sounds so fun!!! I LOVE Indian food -- especially samosas and butter chicken. You should definitely post some recipes soon! Good to hear you are busy in the kitchen and doing what you love! I am sure Eli will have fun with that in the future. =)