Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gun day

I've been taking the hunters safety course in the evening 2 nights a week.  it's fun because they have an indoor range and when we finish our book work we get to go shoot. Lots of fun.  Most people do not realize that this class is actually a government requirement in order to be a gun order and or to hunt.  You cannot apply for a firearms liscence without proof of passing the course. There is a provincial text book and a federal text book.  I took my provincial test and passed with a 94%.  Tonight is my last night, I will be writing my federal test tonight as well as the restricted test which will allow me  to possess and acquire handguns.  Once there is proof that I have passed these test and successfully completed the course I can then start the application process.  Its alot like applying for a passport you need gaurenters and references.  It is not nearly as easy to buy a gun as people think it is. I like to target shoot and I plan to try upland game bird hunting next fall.
 Update:  i got 100% on the federal!! And 94% on the restricted!

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