Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So before Eli was born I kinda psyched myself up, that it was going to be awful.  This was my vision of how life was going to be with a newborn.  I was going to feel...
2.)super sore and in pain,
3.)like I was nothing but a feeding machine,
4.)have time for absolutley nothing not even to shower in the morning.
5.)trapped inside the house
6.) exhausted with a baby who won"t stop screaming and very possibly impatient as well
I happy to report that life is sunnier than all that.  Perhaps having realistic expectations have helped me in adjusting.  I have not felt depressed at all (thank goodness).  While I am still quite sore it is nothing overwhelming and I am coping with it.  It is definatley humbling to know that I am the only person able to feed my baby.  That can be a little overwhelming if I think about it too much, but again I'm dealing with it and I have a wonderful supportive husband who is willing to do one feed in the night if I pump before hand, which really helps.  I have enough time to do things I need to do if I plan them out right.  I think that I am actually getting more done now than before because before I didn't have any motivation there was no deadline pressing upon me.  Now however I want to get things done while I can 'cause who knows when he will need me again.  I don't feel trapped inside the house not yet at least. I can go anywhere I need to go it just takes a little more time and planning ahead.   Some days I am quite tired from staying up with him all night but I can usually get a nap in during the day while he sleeps so all in all things are not nearly as bad as I thought they would be in fact things aren't bad at all.  I love that little boy more than I can tell you, and everything is so worth it at the end of the day.  I wouldn't trade him for anything.


  1. That's great that things are going better than expected! He's such a cutie and I can hardly wait to actually get to know him! =)

  2. Amy, your attitude is wonderful! Keep the positive in your life! It will enable God to bring you those precious blessings daily!

    Kathy Morris

  3. I did get a kick out of it when you told me about your expectations before Eli was born - they were realistic (well, worst case scenario, but either way...) so I was at least happy that for you, it seemed like nothing would take you off guard :) I'm so glad to hear things are better than you imagined they would be - I knew they would be :)

  4. Sounds like you have a good baby, a good husband, and most of all a great attitude! Awesome. It makes everything so much easier. :) I learned that slowly and over many months of being a mom, so I'm impressed at your attitude at 2 weeks postpartum!

    Also very glad you are breastfeeding - this makes everything so much easier, too! (Besides the obvious benefits!)

  5. Wow, Amy, you've become one of those amazing creatures that I have such respect and wonder for ... a mom!