Saturday, January 1, 2011

birth story

Baby Eli John Benelli Plag arrived at 5:04am on the 27th of December.  For those of you who are obsessed with birth stories (I know your out there) here it is.  For anyone who's squeamish feel free to skip.

It wasn't exactly the natural birth experience that I have hoped for. I am at peace with it though because at the end of the day Eli is here safe and healthy and how we got there doesn't seem to be as important anymore.  On the 26th we were 10 days over due and my doctor agreed to do an induction. So we went into RUH in the afternoon on the 26th. They gave me Cervadill to get things going, after multiple checks and monitoring nothing was happening so they sent me home, I was told that it doesn't always take the first time so if nothing happened to come back in the morning to try again.  We went to a friends house for coffee still nothing then we headed out to my parents house for the night. On the way there I started to feel some contractions and a sore back, when we got there I decided to take a warm bath, it did not help and I was having very strong contractions but they weren't in a pattern so I tried to go to bed. WOW that was not happening at that point I was having trouble walking and finding any position uncomfortable. I had a  contraction that lasted five minutes without a break, that is when we decided it was probably real this time and we made our way to the hospital.  We arrived around 12:30ish pm, I was checked about 1am and I was 3cm, they sent us down to labor and delivery.  At this point my contractions were very strong and 30 seconds apart at the best of times, on top of each other with no breaks at the worst of times.  I decided at this point to get the epidural.  It took a long time and 5 separate tries to get in to my back, I have to say it don't think they ever got it in the right place because it didn't do much.  I still felt everything.  I went from 3-10cm in 2hrs! Eli's heart rate kept going down and they were concerned about him he got the internal monitor.  I started pushing a little early because I had a real erg  and they just wanted to get him out because he was so stressed out.  I pushed for 2hrs. It was exhausting and I was getting so tired.  Mikey was  so great supportive, and wonderful during everything.  The nurses said he was just like a doula.  I don't know what I would have done without him.  It was taking too long and Eli continued to be in distress so they decided to help with the vacuum.  He had the cord wrapped around his hands, he was purple and grey so they took him right away to clean out his airway and check him over.  Thank goodness he was okay and they brought him over to me.  I couldn't believe what a high I was on after the birth.  They didn't notice delivering the placenta and I didn't feel anything when they gave me the stitches all the tired weariness I had felt disappeared when I saw my beautiful baby boy.   Eli is gorgeous and perfect and I love him so much it hurts.  So at the end of the day like I said it doesn't matter how he got here just that he is here, and I did what I needed to do in the moment.
Thanks for reading. 


  1. Those contractions sound so intense, Amy! I'm glad Eli is here safe & sound and that everything was okay in the end. :) Can't wait to meet him! Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Wow Amy sounds like you had a rough time. I'm glad Eli arrived safely in the end. Was praying for the both of you.



  3. Congratulations! He is here safe and sound and that is all that matters. Love this little guy to pieces. He is a precious gift from above.

  4. I really enjoy reading your blogs Amy. I see you write like I do and that is a good thing. I also have a blog on blogspot. Keep writing...and God bless your little miracle!

    Kathy Morris

  5. Yay Amy! I am so excited. I have been praying for you, thinking over the past couple days that your wee one must be here by now! I love the name Eli. Thanks for posting your birth story - I love reading them :)

    All the best in the adjustment to life as a family of 3!

  6. I am so glad Eli is safe. Thanks for sharing your story! I'm glad everything was ok in the end.

  7. Thanks for sharing your story, Amy! I'm so glad Eli made everyone wait patiently for his arrival - he obviously was happy growing right where he was :) You did great, mama!

  8. What a blessing you were given a capable nursing/doctor staff to do the right things at the right times! Scary - but so comforting to have a team working with you. I felt that way with Tenley's birth too, when I started passing all those huge clots... I remember vaguely thinking, "Well, at least if I start to bleed out suddenly I'm close to a operating room and a blood bank!" Craziness...
    The whole "all the tired weariness I had felt disappeared when I saw my beautiful baby boy" statement really sums it up, though. :)
    Isn't it amazing how God allows us to not hold it against them when they finally come out? (lol!)
    I'm so sorry the epidural didn't take - that happened to a girlfriend of mine, too. But at least now you know you can do it without! See? Bright spot? ;-D

    Much love to you both!

  9. p.s. I loved the part where you said the nurses said Mikey was like a doula. I can just imagine :)