Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I was just reading Mark Driscoll's recent blog post about Christians and culture.  Which you can read here.   http://theresurgence.com/2010/12/07/why-christians-go-postal-over-facebook-jay-z-yoga-avatar-and-culture-in-general
It really got me thinking about this topic, I know it is super controversial but that is okay with me, I will still say what I am going to say and you don't have to agree with me at all.   I thought it was really interesting what he said about how we can't just completely shelter our children, but instead we have to have discussions and teach them to view all things objectively.  He says that this is what accounts for so many christian children going astray once they leave the family home.   It made me think about all the kids my age who I grew up with who claimed (myself included) to be Christians and love the Lord but at the end of the day walked away.  I now see a lot of these people completely turning away and many of them now claim to be atheists and agnostics.  I realized that speaking for myself I really didn't have any roots, I didn't have any sound biblical knowledge.  What I did have was a lack of knowledge when it came to the world.  I was quite naive and I really thought everyone knew about Jesus everyone was saved and everyone was pretty much a "good" person.  Being so sheltered I think does set you up for a fall in the real world.  The article talks about wanting your kids to remain innocent but not wanting them to be naive.  I think everything we experience and view in the  world needs to be taken with a grain of salt we need to be aware and not mindlessly absorbing the culture around us. 

I think also that the same thing can be said about supposedly christian culture.  Its important that we don't just mindlessly allow ourselves and our children to watch or listen to something simply because it has been labeled as "christian".  There is so much false doctrine in the world and we need to be mindful of that and as discerning as we possibly can be.  I know some people would say its a bad thing but I personally have cannot tolerate "christian" music and I am not saying it is a bad thing, if you enjoy it then by all means good for you.  But it is something I have struggled with, its not that I dislike the message (and often times there isn't one)  its that I dislike the music, its not something I can get into.  I think that I have now come to a point that I am happy with, two things I do... First of all and this may sound silly but I enjoy music in foreign languages (like Rammestein)  I am a huge metal fan and when its in a foreign language I can't understand the lyrics and can't be tripped up by them and I am in that sense enjoying the just the sound. Second thing is that I have actually noticed that sometimes when I am listening to something hearing a lyric that I know is wrong, will make me think more than when I hear something that is right but it is very important I am always aware of what it is that I am hearing, and usually if I am singing along and something that is wrong comes up I change the lyric as I sing it.  Now maybe that second tactic won't work as well when I have impressionable ears listening but I guess that could be opportunity for discussion as well.  Again you don't have to agree with me but I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this subject.


  1. I read that article this morning too.
    I love it when someone (Driscoll in this case) can put my thoughts into words so succinctly. I had this situation creep up a bit this week when I posted my photo of "watch Home Alone" on my blog. My sister seemed a little shocked that I would let the kids watch it. Frankly...so am I, when I look at where I've come from in my conservative upbringing.
    It really does come down to teaching our kids to navigate life out of knowledge rather than naivete. There are certainly things that I still shelter them from, but I can't, and won't, do that forever. In order for them to stand firm in Christ, they need to be taught what is in the world and how to combat against it. I'm less worried about them learning swear words from a movie in our living room, where we can discuss it with them, than having them overhear kids on the playground using such talk.

  2. You both totally echoed my thoughts here! There is a fine line between keeping your kids innocent and completely sheltering them in an unhealthy way! And as long as you talk to them about why certain things are wrong afterwards, it's not terrible to expose kids to a little bit of 'un-christian' things. That's just life...and if you help them deal with what's wrong in those things, they'll be more equipped to deal with the secular world when they grow up.