Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Preparation and more scans

Yesterday was the big day, my last shift at work!!! Officially my mat leave starts tomorrow but my last shift was yesterday.  Which also make me 34 weeks.  I'm starting to wonder if I should pack that hospital bag, but it seems way too early I was going to have it ready for 37 weeks full term.  Then I start thinking well if I'm packing my bag and I want the car seat installed and all that good stuff down for 37 weeks, should I start thinking about staying in Saskatoon around that time?  But if I do, it could be a long stay especially if I go overdue... So much to think about.  I started making meals to freeze for those times when I have a screaming baby I'm hungry and I don't want to cook.  So far I have 3 ziplock bags of Zummaborscht (its Mennonite soup), 2 lasagnas, 2 baked chicken fettuccine alfredo, 2 homemade bbq chicken calzones and I just finished some homemade ravioli... I'll probably make some more soups and some shepards pies maybe some potpies too.  I want a lot to chose from, give myself no excuse to stop eating, because if I am going to be this babies primary food source I should really make sure that I am healthy and taken care of too.

A couple of new scan pictures still working on it but I definatley have a favorite in this batch.

 This one was hard to get but it is my favorite.  Its hard to press the button while your head and arms are on the scanner :)


  1. Way to go with the freezer meals, you are so on the ball! Don't worry too much about your bag. A lot of it is stuff you kinda have to throw in last minute, unless you buy two of all your toiletries :)

  2. Those scans are so cool! I'm impressed. :)

    And all I used from my hospital bag was snacks and underwear!

    Have fun! :)