Friday, November 26, 2010

Baby shower and reflections of beauty.

This past Sunday was my baby shower, Nicole did a great job of organizing everything.  Here is a picture of the beautiful cake she had made for the party.
I was a good day and I was really thankful for all the gifts that we received.  Its hard to believe that we are finally at 37 weeks.  I'm starting to get more and more uncomfortable its strange how fast things change I really felt okay last week, now I feel really achy, huge and tired.  

About a month ago I bought some clip in hair extensions, and today they finally came in the mail. I am excited they look really cool, I just need to practice putting them in so you can't tell.  It's neat to be able to see what my hair would look like if it was longer and just to play around with different things.  I love experimenting with my hair and makeup, but having said that I'm trying really hard not to be too obsessive about looks.  I feel like it is really a fine line, there really is a push from society that we need to look presentable and put together to be in the world and there is a sense where I do agree with that.  Taking care of yourself is definitely a reflection on the person whether that is a good or bad thing it is the truth.   On the other end of things you don't want worry about your looks so much that you become someone who spends all their time money and energy on beauty, and it thereby becomes an idol.  This is a concept I think I struggle with a little bit.  I wonder where presenting ones self in a favorable light stops and obsession starts.  I have not yet come to a place where I am happy with where I am in that continuum. I think it is made harder yet by the fact that I enjoy trying new things I enjoy fashion and beauty.  I geuss there is a line where a hobbie or an interest becomes something more than that but when that hobby or interest becomes something that you have to do each day the line gets blurred even more.


  1. So sad to have missed it, Amy. :( (but it did end up being a good thing I went home... achy day!)

    As for your reflections: good thoughts!
    I think we - as women - should be self aware of those tendencies. I (personally) try to keep the mindset of "do not let your beauty be MERELY outward"...

    A little bit of attention isn't always bad - like you said - it's about what controls you. I've always admired your sense of style: I've commented to Kurt more than once about your bravery - and how you always look awesome no matter what! :)

    I think it's part of what makes you who you are... but like anything, we just have to be aware and always checking our motives. It would be so much easier to coast... but until we get to heaven this life = effort. You're not alone with those basic struggles... we all have our areas of "interest" that threaten to define us at times. :)

    So keep being you, my friend. I love you very much the way you are and I'd love to see what your extensions look like, if you have time to put up a picture! :)

  2. Thanks Kendall, you always leave such encouraging comments. I have a feeling that the arrival of my little boy may readjust my priorities a little That might just be a good thing. I will put up some pictures.