Monday, October 18, 2010

The tale of a nursery

Thanks to a lot of elbow grease and only a little complaining from Michael the nursery is finished!

Sorta a before picture Mikey just finished the ceiling and is working on trim.
The finished room ( well part of it) The crib and the mural.  The mural was really frustrating and took us until 2:00am one night to get it down, but I am so happy with the results it looks great.

The change table filled with clothe diapers.   Washed stuffed with liners, set to the smallest size ready to go.

Dresser and more of the mural.
A full view of  the mural with no furniture in way.  Like I said it may have been a pain in the butt, but I am really happy with it.
I also love the colors we chose and actually I have to give Mikey credit for the yellow wall trim 'cause he picked it out.

Also I was really surprised with all the views already, I really did not expect that many people to read it, and at first I thought "oh, maybe I should not have written that because so many people saw it."  But I have decided I am happy with it and I think that I want to just be genuine and not worry about who is reading it.  If I am just honest and myself then I have nothing to worry about.


  1. I LOVE the nursery!!! The mural is so great! What a fantastic room "this person" will get to sleep in!! =) And of course you should not worry about people reading your blog (although I empathize because that is the reason I do not have one). We all love you for who you are so you should have no problem just being yourself!

  2. The baby room is soooo cute Amy! I love the mural too. It is so unique and will be such a fun room for a little boy.

    I loved your last post too. I'm glad you wrote what you wrote. I love hearing other people's take on things. Keep writing! :)

  3. Pointless facts about the nursery:

    Number of light bulbs: 3
    Number out Outlets: 3
    Pieces of Baseboard: 7
    Trips to Beer Store: 1
    Texts required to convince Max to trade ammo for beer while hanging mural: 9
    Ceiling fan diameter in inches: 52
    Total time in minutes Caleb "helped" paint before quitting in frustration: 10
    Hours Spent on "Weekend Project": 43
    Instances "This kid better be worth it" was muttered: 17, if not more

  4. That mural is amazing! Did you guys paint it!? I am so impressed! You should go into business doing that. I would love something like that on my daughter's wall!!

  5. Allie: NO, no paining, I am not that talented. It is wallpaper. We bought it from Sears, it comes in 8 large square panels and you have to hang each panel individually and match up the picture. And to answer your previous question, yes I remember you. We met at Sammy and Allison's wedding and I've seen you at church a couple times.

  6. Looking good folks! I also thought it was a painting - until Kurt set me straight. I guess the guys discussed this already... grin. :)
    Post fearlessly, Amy-dear. You can write pretty much any random thoughts when bathed in an attitude of humility and openness... and you did a wonderful out-of-the-gate job. :)

  7. It all looks awesome! That mural is seriously cool, I'm sure he's going to love it :)